Our product CORIAGEN® and UTANIT® are applied to achieve better cleaning of hides and to reduce time for handling and washing operations in the manufacturing of leather.


We manufacture a range of antiperspirant actives for the cosmetic industry, including Oxygen aluminum chloride solution and powder grades, Aloxicoll® L and PF40 and Aluminum Zirconium powders


The products are with the function of waterproof, sealing and heat- insulating. Meanwhile, the material causes no contamination and is able to be reprocessed easily, mainly applied in light industry

BU APW Paper & Water

Paper Soluations As the renowned chemical company in the world, BK Giulini GmbH supplies the paper industry a wide range of specialties which help paper manufacturers meet the highest quality standards with respect to paper quality and ecological safety.

BKG Water Solutions provides customized water treatments including products and services in nearly any sector where water is used. This starts from water pre treatment, to the users (industry or private) and on the way back to the environment in waste water plants and reuse water projects.