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APW is composed of three parts, Aluminum Compounds, high-tech chemicals for paper manufacturing and industrial water treatment.


Paper Soluations As the renowned chemical company in the world, BK Giulini GmbH supplies the paper industry a wide range of specialties which help paper manufacturers meet the highest quality standards with respect to paper quality and ecological safety. Main products are Perglutin A 288(surface-sizing agent),Perglutin K532 (surface-sizing agent), Perglutin 450/150 (surface-sizing agent),  Perglutin K880(surface-sizing agent), Giluton 1100/37N (wet-strengthening agent), Dirulit GM Active (biocide agent)


Water Treatment We provides customized water treatments for many sectors: power plants, refineries, petrochemical,

chemical industries, steel mills, paper mills, any industry using water for its production, as well as desalination and water

works. Our products and services for cooling water systems, boilers, membrane filtration units and drinking water inhibit

scaling and corrosion, thus increasing the efficiency of systems, optimizing processes, and saving energy.

For water pre-treatment, industrial and municipal wastewater, a comprehensive range of flocculants, coagulants and

additives enables to remove contaminants, to comply with the local regulations and to optimize the total operating costs.





manufactured by BK Giulini in Germany is the famous trade mark of BK Giulini for safe point of use Drinking Water Treatment


Only original from BK Giulini





BKG Water Solutions combines innovative technologies and services provided by highly skilled engineers. Thanks to an

intensive research and development, and to our own production facilities, we can offer an extensive range of products as well

as tailor-made solutions to cover every specific application and help you optimize the efficiency of your water processes

achieving the greatest economy and long-term operational reliability. 


 Special lab equipment like the


Recirculation Corrosion Test Circuit


shown on the right side are used for the development of tailor made treatment programs. (24/7 operation).


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